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Are you struggling to stop, slow down and take some time for yourself? Done in stillness, this class uses calming breath, sensation and visualisation to bring ease to the body and mind.

If you are struggling to switch off, or find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed, this is the practice for you.

TUESDAY 20:30 – 21:00

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • It reduces stress and anxiety levels and aids sleep.
  • Becoming aware of the sensations in the body allows us to recognise where we hold our emotional tension and stress and dissipate this pain.
  • It allows the mind to slow down (a rarity these days) and restructure our thought patterns, this is where we can unlearn destructive or unhelpful thoughts about ourselves and others.
  • It moves us from operating within our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), to our parasympathetic nervous system (restore & relax).

Classes are available to all abilities, you do not need to have done Yoga Nidra before. This practice is in stillness where you are guided by my voice. It is advised to use pillows, blankets and an eye pillow to allow yourself 30 minutes of pure comfort.