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These are held in person in the Bisley Yurt, with a wood burning fire on a beautiful farm. A truly wonderful setting with themes that are relevant to events going on in the world.

If you are looking for time for yourself where you can reflect and then take your yoga back out into the world, this class is for you.

10:00 – 11:30

27th March
Self-care and Self-Love
22nd May
Self-care for Everyday
Info coming soon

I am incredibly excited to announce that the next in-person workshop will be on 27th March at the stunning Bisley Yurt.

Self-care for Self-love

A relaxing Sunday morning surrounded by nature on Miles Green Farm.

Find yourself in a safe, sound and soothing environment, to gently restore depleted energy.

The way we talk to ourselves is so important, it’s the voice we hear all day and the subconscious that talks to us all night long. This session will involve some journaling and self-reflection, followed by a deep yoga nidra practice, proven to help us rewire our thinking patterns.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners. We welcome you with open arms, whatever your physical fitness.

This workshop has limited numbers so reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.

This is suitable for all levels of ability and will be tailored if you are pregnant, just let me know in advance.

Benefits of Workshops

  • You get to practice at this beautiful venue and see your fellow yoga community in person.
  • Subject matter is usually topical and helps us to process common journey’s we may be on collectively.
  • Workshops combine the Hatha Flow and Yoga Nidra practices, consolidating what you have learnt about yourself and your yoga in a safe space.

Workshops are available to all abilities, you do not need to have done Yoga before. Options are given throughout the class and you can do what feels right for you. We use props to aid our relaxation and practices can be easily adapted for all bodies.