Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is also known as ‘yogic sleep’ where you fall deep into your consciousness and use breathing, physical body scanning and visualisation to help you truly relax. This is a deeply healing practice that aids physical and mental exhaustion. Learn more.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow syncs breath with movement where we start to really become aware of how our body feels and what it needs out of our practice. We incorporate all of the eight limbs of yoga in our practice, including meditation and pranayama (breath work). Learn more.


We honour our bodies and the journey they embark on holding space for your new arrival(s). A strengthening and nurturing hatha flow sequence allowing you to connect with your body and breath. Learn more.


Gathering in a beautiful yurt, set on Miles Green Farm in Bisley. It’s the perfect atmosphere to combine your asana (movement), pranayama (breath) and yoga nidra in a face to face class that explores topical issues. Learn more.

Why do yoga?

Yoga is so much more than exercise. I use the yoga sutras and yoga philosophy to theme our classes to encourage self-reflection and taking your yoga off the mat into the world.

Yoga’s literal meaning is “to unite,” which for me, means that yoga is for all. Nowhere in my yoga teachings did it say that yoga should be exclusive. It didn’t say it’s only open to bodies that take up less space or only services those that can do advanced asana.

Yoga is all about finding our true selves, about uniting the body, mind and soul with the universe and it teaches us, all the time. How we are all human and that we are all equal. This so relevant in the world we live in today where we still see groups of people being marginalised simply for being who they are.

Yoga is not a way to shield us from pain, it actually holds a mirror up to how we carry ourselves in the world and is a tool that can help us navigate through our past mistakes and allow us to be truly present in the moment and with what is going on around us.     

Yoga does not require perfection. It just requires you to show up, on your mat, with an open heart and an open mind… That’s the yoga you can find here with me. Yoga for everybody that you can do everyday

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