We live in a material world


Aparigraha or non-possesiveness: ‘We live in a material world but don’t be a material girl (or boy).
Greed is not the aim, take what you have earned and leave the rest on the table…
Sharing is caring… really…

Even though you’re bad for me


Brahmacharya or non-lust: “Lust, a sudden, powerful, almost overwhelming desire of something you know is bad for you…”
Often mistaken for love…
So this doesn’t mean celibacy (yes!) but, it does mean using that sexually charged energy to connect to our spiritual selves and forming meaningful relationships ❤💙

Thou shalt not steal


Asteya or non-stealing: this applies to physical things, but also to stealing people’s ideas and sharing confidential things you have been trusted with.
If something is not freely given to you. Then do not take it.

Speak your truth


Satya or truthfulness: unfortunately this doesn’t give licence to say what you think ALL the time.
It’s about finding the right balance between “Honesty is the best policy” and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
This one gets a bit tricky for me and I have to work on it EVERY day.

Throw kindness like confetti


Ahimsa or non-violence: this one feels like an easy one for most of us.
Essentially though, throw kindness around like confetti but here’s the hard bit…
Even to those who don’t deserve it…

Yoga is more than asana


Yoga is so much more than doing pose after pose…
Yoga has a spiritual side, which most of us never start yoga for and then find it becomes a significant part of the journey…
Over the next week I will introduce the eight limbs of yoga, focusing on the Yamas, our code of conduct and self-discipline. It can be simply summarised as “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Come learn a bit more about the spiritual side of yoga…

Yoga for starters…

Have you always wanted to go to yoga but felt intimidated by the thought of being surrounded by crazy-flexible, super-fit people?

Well RomaLovesYoga is here to assure you that yoga is for EVERY body. We all started our practice somewhere after all!

Come join morning “Yoga for starters” at The Bisley Yurt
5 week course from Saturday 18th August 10:15am – 11:00am

Start your weekend off right…

Whether you can do the splits or you can’t touch your toes this class is designed to give students an introduction to yoga.

We will explore different yoga poses which gently allow you to improve posture, balance, core strength and flexibility. Just some of the benefits of yoga.

The session ends with a guided relaxation to ease you into your weekend and have you floating away on a cloud.

Invest in yourself and join the 5 week course for £40; or
If you’d just like to give it a go and come at your leisure classes are £10 each

Please email romalovesyoga@gmail.com for any questions or to book your space now.


Do something for you! 🙂


International Yoga Day

Roma keeps me sane!

It’s International Yoga Day… that means yoga ALL over the world! What a lovely thought! So for the past week I have been on a boat, motoring up and down the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. Utterly beautiful… extremely rainy… which meant there wasn’t a lot of space for the yoga mat!

For my own sanity (and my husband’s), it is a necessity to take some time to unwind. My highly strung, must get everything done immediately personality needs to be shushed and yoga is my medicine.

When I have deadlines flying at me and excel keeps crashing at work… I can feel the stress building and the feeling like I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start!!! ARGH! It’s times like this when all the things that feed your body goodness, like good food, exercise, getting a good night’s sleep are the things that you compromise on.

Why do we do it?! These are the times where you need to be firing on all cylinders! Which means… eating well (take time to prep those meals), exercise (whatever gives your body the chance to get rid of that negative energy), go to bed (your brain needs a reboot).

So today, I took my own advice and made time to go to my Ashtanga yoga class and oh…. my…. goodness…. I felt like balance was restored! All the stress and anxiety from cramming 2 weeks worth of work into 1 week has gone…

And that people… is why yoga is MAGIC!

Do something for you this week that helps restore balance to your life, it may feel counter intuitive but the results of a better you are usually 100% worth it!

Caledonian Canal and a Rainbow 🙂