Yoga is more than asana


Yoga is so much more than doing pose after pose…
Yoga has a spiritual side, which most of us never start yoga for and then find it becomes a significant part of the journey…
Over the next week I will introduce the eight limbs of yoga, focusing on the Yamas, our code of conduct and self-discipline. It can be simply summarised as “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Come learn a bit more about the spiritual side of yoga…

Yoga for starters…

Have you always wanted to go to yoga but felt intimidated by the thought of being surrounded by crazy-flexible, super-fit people?

Well RomaLovesYoga is here to assure you that yoga is for EVERY body. We all started our practice somewhere after all!

Come join morning “Yoga for starters” at The Bisley Yurt
5 week course from Saturday 18th August 10:15am – 11:00am

Start your weekend off right…

Whether you can do the splits or you can’t touch your toes this class is designed to give students an introduction to yoga.

We will explore different yoga poses which gently allow you to improve posture, balance, core strength and flexibility. Just some of the benefits of yoga.

The session ends with a guided relaxation to ease you into your weekend and have you floating away on a cloud.

Invest in yourself and join the 5 week course for £40; or
If you’d just like to give it a go and come at your leisure classes are £10 each

Please email for any questions or to book your space now.


Do something for you! 🙂


International Yoga Day

Roma keeps me sane!

It’s International Yoga Day… that means yoga ALL over the world! What a lovely thought! So for the past week I have been on a boat, motoring up and down the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. Utterly beautiful… extremely rainy… which meant there wasn’t a lot of space for the yoga mat!

For my own sanity (and my husband’s), it is a necessity to take some time to unwind. My highly strung, must get everything done immediately personality needs to be shushed and yoga is my medicine.

When I have deadlines flying at me and excel keeps crashing at work… I can feel the stress building and the feeling like I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start!!! ARGH! It’s times like this when all the things that feed your body goodness, like good food, exercise, getting a good night’s sleep are the things that you compromise on.

Why do we do it?! These are the times where you need to be firing on all cylinders! Which means… eating well (take time to prep those meals), exercise (whatever gives your body the chance to get rid of that negative energy), go to bed (your brain needs a reboot).

So today, I took my own advice and made time to go to my Ashtanga yoga class and oh…. my…. goodness…. I felt like balance was restored! All the stress and anxiety from cramming 2 weeks worth of work into 1 week has gone…

And that people… is why yoga is MAGIC!

Do something for you this week that helps restore balance to your life, it may feel counter intuitive but the results of a better you are usually 100% worth it!

Caledonian Canal and a Rainbow 🙂

Mental Health Matters

As mental health awareness week draws to a close, let’s not forget about our mental health… we often choose to eat healthier and exercise more often to improve our physical health so why not choose a mental health “diet” where you only feed your mind with positive and kind thoughts… 


Be kind to your mind

This week is mental health awareness week… so I wanted to share a story about mine…

I don’t know about you, but I have a really chatty inner voice. She pops up all the time… and to be honest with you, she’s not actually that nice.

When I was growing up she didn’t really like the way I looked and she used to tell me things like “you are ugly” or “no-one will ever love you looking like that.” I tried my best not to listen to her, but sometimes she made me feel really awful.

As I got older she continued her barrage, “no-one is going to like you, you’re really boring, why would anyone want to be friends with you?” Again, I tried to ignore her but sometimes she made me feel really lonely even when I was surrounded by people that I know love me.

When I entered my first relationship she was relentless… “he doesn’t really love you, how could he?” “You’re a mess, you’re so clumsy, why can’t you ever just get it together?” Again, I tried to push her to one side and no matter how many times my partner told me he loved me, I never believed him.

When I entered the work place, it felt like she was there all the time… “You’re not prepared for this, you’re going to mess this up.” “He’s so much better at this than you, you’re not doing a very good job.” “You need to do more, you haven’t done enough.” By now I was listening to her all the time and believing all the mean things she said. I felt deflated, run-down, lonely and a failure.

Then one day, it was brought to my attention how mean my inner voice is. I don’t have any friends in my life who speak to me the way she does. In fact, I’m known for being a bit feisty, so I’d probably tell her to *bleep* off…

So that’s what I did…

It didn’t happen overnight and I used my time on the mat to silence my “inner mean” as I just focused on my postures, my breath and my movement. This was quite life changing for me, as I didn’t realise just how much I had started to believe my disparaging inner voice. Imagine how powerful your mind could be if each one of those negative comments was a positive.

I have realised through other people that I am not alone in this journey and that being kind to your mind is certainly not easy for everyone.

Everybody has their own mental health story and some have mastered when to tell the voice to “SHUT UP” and change the station… but for those that haven’t, just know that you are not alone.

Be kind to your mind
Please consider this formal notification that YOU are awesome


Yoga in the Sun

The sun makes my heart happy

This week is already off to a flying start… the weather has meant I’ve been able to take my practice outside… and I am loving it!

Birds chirping… light breeze… sun beaming down… everything felt dreamy…

Garden yoga 🙂
I find this combo of yoga postures absolutely delicious! They really seem to flow into one another and after sitting at a computer all day it feels good to stretch from head to toe.

Top to Bottom

Janu Sirsasana – this pose calms the nervous system and is a lovely stretch for the hamstrings.

Sallyasana – (not it’s official name, but named after my teacher and guru Sally Parkes) This feels amazing, it’s how I imagine a Cat feels when they stretch after waking.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – this opens the shoulders and increases flexibility in the spine

Pure bliss!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun while it lasts, forecast for tomorrow… RAIN!

Welcome to Roma Loves Yoga

A little bit about me…

I am a girl who fell in love with yoga. First of all for the flexibility it gave me, which helped me in my dance class and then, while finding myself deep in the clutches of a corporate 8am – 8pm, for the space and calm it brought to my life when I found myself tearful with anxiety, or simply unable to switch off.

This led me to a crossroads where I made the conscious decision to take time to delve into the practice of self-care. I was the sort of person who would feel guilty if I wasn’t using every moment of the day ruthlessly efficiently and the thought of taking time for myself was a concept I had never entertained before. Yoga allowed me time to “breathe and reboot” virtually guilt free, which was a novel and wonderful concept!! The increased flexibility and strength turned out to be just a wonderful side effect of my new found “me time.”

Where I trained…

I completed my 200hr yoga training with the fantastic Sally Parkes and can honestly say that the year of 2017 will forever be one that changed my life. I met some fantastic friends and learnt so much more about myself as a person, another lovely side effect of yoga. I am now on a journey to share the wonderful effect yoga has had on my life with others. If I can change your life even 1% of the way it changed mine, then that would put a huge smile on my face.

Teaching style…

My teaching style is informal and inclusive, yoga is for every body and as such everyone is welcome. Classes feature gentle hatha and vinyasa based asanas, with touches of restorative yoga and meditation to counteract the stresses that modern life can bring. I offer you only 1 thing, a safe place to come and be yourself and hopefully you discover the magic of yoga along the way!