Breaking Point

It was an ordinary day at work when everything changed. I was staring at my computer feeling the familiar heaviness that had been growing over the past few months.


An email with a red exclamation point glared at me from my inbox and I physically jumped as if holding a jack-in-the-box.

I was stressed. And it was a constant state of being and had been for a while. At that moment, like a water balloon at bursting point, all the overwhelm I had been pushing down filled my mind and body and stole my breath.

I had been on the corporate hamster wheel thinking that the next promotion was my life’s aim but I was feeling terrible. Something needed to change.

Discovering the Benefits of Yoga

I had always practised yoga to support my dancing. But while finding myself deep in the clutches of a corporate job I discovered the space and calm it brought to my life.

Especially when I found myself tearful with anxiety or simply unable to switch off.

I left my job and made the conscious decision to take time to delve into the practice of self-care. I was the sort of person who would feel guilty if I wasn’t using every moment of the day ruthlessly efficiently and the thought of taking time for myself was a concept I had never entertained before.

Can you relate?

Yoga allowed me time to “breathe and reboot” virtually guilt-free, which was a novel and wonderful concept! The increased flexibility and strength I gained turned out to be just a wonderful side effect of my newfound peace and contentment.

So I embarked on a new journey.

Training that Changed My Life

I completed my 200-hour yoga training with the fantastic Sally Parkes and can honestly say that the year 2017 will forever be one that changed my life.

My values began to shift as I recognised that my purpose and fulfilment lay in more than my corporate job (and I did start another one!)

The rest of my training included

  • Teaching pre and postnatal yoga (2018)
  • Training on yoga’s history, including cultural appropriation and colonisation (2020). I am committed to honouring yoga’s roots and using yoga for social justice.
  • Advanced post natal yoga (2020)
  • Fertility Yoga (currently completing 2021)

And I am now on a journey to share not only the wonderful effect yoga can have on your life but how it can help illuminate and change our perspectives to create a better world.

If yoga can change your life even 1% of the way it changed mine then that would put a huge smile on both our faces!

Why my Class is Different

My teaching style is informal and inclusive. Yoga is for everybody and as such everyone is welcome to my online or in-person classes and workshops at the Bisley yurt in Surrey.

Classes feature gentle hatha and vinyasa-based asanas, with touches of restorative yoga and meditation to counteract the stresses that modern life can bring.

You might not know what on earth I’m referring to and that’s ok. I guide us through a series of stretches and positions, whilst explaining how you can do them safely in a way that works for you.

You do not need to be ultra-flexible or a gymnast to do yoga.

You do not need a special outfit, just clothes that allow movement.

I offer you one thing; a safe place to come and be yourself and hopefully, you will discover the magic of yoga along the way!

Still not sure, ask me a question…