Yoga in the Sun

The sun makes my heart happy

This week is already off to a flying start… the weather has meant I’ve been able to take my practice outside… and I am loving it!

Birds chirping… light breeze… sun beaming down… everything felt dreamy…

Garden yoga 🙂
I find this combo of yoga postures absolutely delicious! They really seem to flow into one another and after sitting at a computer all day it feels good to stretch from head to toe.

Top to Bottom

Janu Sirsasana – this pose calms the nervous system and is a lovely stretch for the hamstrings.

Sallyasana – (not it’s official name, but named after my teacher and guru Sally Parkes) This feels amazing, it’s how I imagine a Cat feels when they stretch after waking.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – this opens the shoulders and increases flexibility in the spine

Pure bliss!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun while it lasts, forecast for tomorrow… RAIN!

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